Dot Pigeon NFT Burn Details for Alexa on May 4th

As a follow up to our recent interview with Dot Pigeon, he is ready to announce the details for his upcoming NFT Burn on May 4th as well as a 1/1 AR NFT drop.

“Another piece from my shattered glass collection” by

Dot Pigeon

You have until May 4th to collect 4 Alexas in order to burn them (the burn will last from May 4th 12PM ET to May 6th 12PM ET)

Things to know before you burn your Alexa NFTs:

  1.  Don’t expect the enhanced version until June during DotPigeon’s next drop. (This means you will be waiting for 1 Month to receive your new piece). Please be patient, these things take time.
  2. This is the official name of the empowered Alexa “Hey Alexa, give these people what they deserve”.
  3.  Bring your Alexa’s back to Niffy Gateway. The burn mechanic will be simple. You’ll send your 4 Alexa’s to a specified address. (PLEASE ONLY USE THE ADDRESS WE PROVIDE). NG PROXY (  WARNING: Scammers were creating similar accounts during the faces burn and stealing NFT’s.
  4.  Dot Pigeon wants to be very clear about not showing favoritism, all mints will be randomly distributed by Nifty Gateway.
  5.  Dot Pigeon will be rewarding ALL Artists that allowed him to use their artwork in both Alexa pieces.. Dot pigeon will also reward 3 collectors on his discord. Keep your fingers crossed it may be you

We are big fans of DotPigeon and love his continued accessibility in the NFT space.  If you want to learn more you can visit the drop details or join his discord.

You can also join the DotPigeon Collector Discord here