KidSuper (Colm Dillane) is the 25-year old Atlanta-based provocateur that has build a huge following on social media and launching fashion lines with pop stars. Currently embroiled in a lawsuit against Atlantic Records, the artist turned fashion icon has launched his first NFT colleciton on Nifty Gateway.

In a recent profile from hypebeast, KidSuper shared his inspiring message:

Enthusiasm is contagious. Whatever you do, give it the utmost enthusiasm because people respect that. Even if you’re not the most talented or gifted – if you come with the most energy and the willingness to work 10 times harder than others, people will appreciate that.

KidSuper has polymath goals launching bi-coastal studios that allow him to create music, fashion, dance, and more.  We are excited to see what is in store for KidSuper as he explores the NFT space.