Repeat Offenders By Gerhard Human A Unique NFT Project

Repeat Offenders is a collection of 6666 procedurally generated portraits built from hand-drawn artwork by Gerhard Human. Minting of the collection will take place virtually in early 2022.

The purchase of the artwork is in the form of a ERC-721 non-fungible token (NFT) that is linked to a high-resolution street composition of each character. Each artwork is also accompanied by a square portrait of the character on a neutral background.

What is the projects launch date?

31 Jan 2022

How did you come up with the ideas?

The artist has been working on these characters for the over 10 years, and this platform and medium provides the opportunity to bring them all together into a single universe / story


What Makes this project unique?

Max Supply is 6666, but is also tied to an eth block number

This block number is set to roughly 2 weeks post launch

Should the block number be reached before 6666 have been minted, minting is closed forever along with the new Max Supply

Art by Gerhard Human

  • Each piece is a full street composition, made from various characters, clothing, skateboards and background elements – perfect for printing / framing / flexing 
  • Each piece is 100% unique
  • Each piece is accompanied by a downloadable cropped pfp version of the character

Three Character Types

Slabs (Common), Doxies (Less Common), Post-Humans (Rare)




Gas Optimized Contract

Nothing worse than high mint, purchase and transfer costs

We’ve optimized the contract code to be more gas friendly

NFT Community Easter Eggs

We’ve leveraged Official Collabs as well as NFT IP Rights to include some rare traits that will be showcased on the character skateboards

How Big is the team and what are their roles?

Art: Gerhard Human


Mods: 3

What is the price?

0.04 eth each: High quality art from an established artist – priced below current market standards

What is the Mint Size?

6666 (less if the eth block hits before sell out)

About the artist

Gerhard Human is a contemporary artist, animator and comic creator from Cape Town. His works function as windows into the disjunct of human nature: ideas about cultural stubbornness, short-sighted idealism and ignorance, influenced by the styles of classic underground comics and propaganda material, whose styles, he believes, acts as a narrative for alternative thinking.

You Can learn more about the project here: