Agents of the Nanoverse – NANOPass Phase 2

NanoPass are 5,555 virtual plots in the Nanoverse that also double as an early access token to the upcoming Nanoverse.

What we know so far:

  • Agents are fully rigged 3D models. You will be able to use them like any other 3D avatar beyond it’s A.I. functionality.

  • Holders will be given the 3D files but whatever happens in other Metaverses is out of our control. What we can control is who we let into our Metaverse while it’s still in its alpha/testing phases. A world that can contain both voxels and high poly 3D models is not feasible. So in order to maintain a certain level of quality it won’t be fully open. We will still give fully rigged models of agents but going into other Metaverses is not up to us.

The Nanoverse is a multi phased plan to build up our own metaverse.

PXN is essentially a separate, standalone project that happens to exist within the our shared universe. Think about it like Iron Man and Spiderman; they may be different franchises but they’re both part of the MCU.