No NO’s NFT Project

A Collection of 10,000 No No’s


No No’s is a community-driven collectibles NFT project. We said Yes for too long, it’s time to say some No’s. We came from a galaxy faraway and we’re doing some stops in the middle of our journey. We would love you to come with us! Or No No?

Holding a No No allows you to participate in our Community Treasure. We will be filling our treasure after the public sale ends and in a monthly basis! We believe the community is everything in a project, so you will be able to vote for future of No No’s.

Let’s be creative, bold and wise, collaborating to fly this community of No No’s through the galaxy.

Join us and let’s fly!


The No No’s Team

These cute characters were imagined and drawn by Alfden, an illustrator with ten years of experience in illustration and animation. The design of the No No’s follows his tell-tale artistic obsession with strong colors and flat shapes. But the design is only one aspect of the brand. The development and marketing areas are handled by Doxia and Oxxyy.

Doxia is a relentless dreamer bringing creative coding development to the No No project.

 Oxxyy brings his intuition for marketing to complete this amazing team that has created this collection of 10 000 No No’s NFTs on the ethereum blockchain. The No No brand is the only yes they agreed to!


Also, a huge shoutout to our two first moderators, Jishous and Turtlerat, for the amazing job they’ve been doing so far!