Zipcy NFT Project Launches Today

Zipcy Presents:

“A thought-provoking, authentic, and detailed exploration into the nuances of what it means to be extraordinary.”

Consisting of over 1,000 traits, these 8,888 Generative NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain represent individualism by portraying elements of the diverse and unique. This is done by allowing the singular, inventive works to be composed of six comprehensive styles, encompassing a variety of human identities and emotions. The collection seeks to invoke the viewer’s interpretation of the art, through the personification of each piece and the features that make each… “SuperNormal”.

Purchase a SuperNormal NFT

SuperNormal NFTs will be sold in two stages, a pre-sale and a public-sale, read about both, below:

8,888 NFTs Left × ETH Per
Exclusive Pre-sale
SuperNormal pre-sale spots will be awarded through the Discord and via select collaborations with third-party projects. Being part of the pre-sale guarantees 2 SuperNormal mints at 0.088 ETH each.

Registration for the pre-sale is full.

The SuperNormal public sale will be held 24 hours after the pre-sale. All unminted NFTs will be put to a Dutch Auction here on the site. The price of the Dutch Auction will start at 2.000 ETH, and trend down to 0.100 ETH over 24 hours. Make sure to register for the public sale in the Discord!

SuperNormal has put together an ambitious roadmap, encompassing a number of hot topics in the NFT and decentralized spaces. The majority of the roadmap will be funded through the community fund, which is allocated 10% of all primary and secondary sales. These funds will flow directly into ventures benefiting the community and SuperNormal holders.

1. Zipcy’s Metaverse (ZMV)

One of our first but many visions is Zipcy’s Metaverse (ZMV). We will be purchasing and developing an exclusive estate in Decentraland. We plan to host many exciting and fun events, some public to all and some exclusive to SuperNormal holders. Season 2 will bring wearable fashion inside the Metaverse.

2. Fashion Game (Not P2E)

Probably the most aniticipated item on the roadmap, the Season 2 game will introduce a new line of SuperNormals which will be a collection of up to 20,000 mints. In season 2, a larger variety of traits will be introduced – bolder and avant-garde than those that have preceded.

Han Yak

Up to 8,888 Han Yak (Korean Potions) will be free to claim for all Season 1 holders, and the rest put up for pre/public sales. Consuming a Han Yak will allow you to participate in the exclusive fashion game, granting a user access to 20-30 random, new traits to dress their Season 2 SuperNormal.

3. Merchandise

SuperNormal also has a very exciting plan for actual “ZIPS’ Merch”, available exclusively to SuperNormal holders. This will be varying products from streetwear to signed posters and so on. Merch will have a large synergy to similar items in the metaverse.

4. Collaborations

Collaborations are also underway with various project groups and artists. One of the most exciting collaborations is the Charity Auction, which includes a number of influential artists in the space; LisaODTgrelysianGreyRadianorabelartjfemikiemmavolou_pussyrrriotix_shellsdielamaharanie, and nftfat.

As well as many more that we are currently in discussions with. This will be planned for a few weeks after our launch and 50% of proceeds will go towards varying charities for women and 50% will go towards the collaborating artist (Although many are also choosing to donate their half of the proceeds as well!) We believe women need stronger representation in the space and we are partnering with projects that align with those values.