For its 75th anniversary, Wrangler will be debuting a two-part NFT release titled “Mr. Wrangler”.
February 22nd, the first drop debuted, featuring 75 NFTs in its “Icon” drop, and will be releasing 1 single edition for its “Legendary” drop. The “Icon” will include 1 digitally animated NFT, 1 VIP pass to a private event at New York Fashion Week in Sept 22′ where Leon Bridges will be performing live, 1 Icon Decentraland Metaverse Wearable, and IRL access to the unveiling of the “Legendary” NFT. The 1/1 “Legendary” NFT will include 1 physical replica of the denim suit infused with exclusive content only accessible via LTD. INC’s scanning app, 1 retro futuristic suitcase, 1 digitally animated NFT and 1 Legendary Decentraland Metaverse Wearable.

The sale is taking place as an auction, ending March 1st 12pm, and Wrangler’s collection is hosted by LTD.INC, a platform offering curated, ultra-rare physical and digital NFTs. Starting auctions begin at .3 Eth ($796.20 at the time of writing this).

Daryl Kelly, CEO of LTD.INC, shared in a press release, “We are honored to partner with Wrangler and Leon Bridges to launch the “Mr. Wrangler” NFT Collection for the brand’s 75th Anniversary. The collection represents a first of its kind NFT class that crosses the physical, digital and virtual worlds. Over the last year, we have been forging partnerships with well-established artists, brands and creators to help them step into space and craft thoughtful NFT collections that bridge the gap between the physical and virtual economies allowing them to connect with their audiences in new and exciting ways.” LTD.inc, founded in London, 2020, is seemingly looking to showcase the Wrangler launch as the first of many high touch, promising releases.

Leon Bridges is known for his throwback, soulful sound and noteworthy style, an incredible fit and brand partner for wrangler. He is often seen wearing a sharp looking, vintage or custom Wrangler suit, even prior to this partnership.  Bridges is currently Wrangler’s men’s global ambassador, and has released a new song with band Khruangbin, Texas Moon, available on all listening platforms.