The Phoenixes NFT Project Overview

  • Total Supply: 8,888 Phoenixes (8k for sale, 888 for our long-term treasury)
  • Updated Mint Price: 0.049 ETH (also payable in SOL or Credit Card) 
  • 3 Per wallet

For thousands of years, Phoenixes roamed the Earth in plentiful numbers – beautiful, fierce, and vibrant creatures able to soar higher than any others of their time. Living in vast communities on the massive mountain peaks, they nourished, protected, and supported each other through each stage of their life cycle – life, death, and rebirth.

Only, none of The Phoenixes ever truly died; when one chapter of their lives came to an end, they sought reliable comfort and protection from those in their communities, where they would then ignite into a beautiful swirling rage of fire. The flames of their burn-out would caress the sky with bright ribbons of red and gold for days, months, or even years. Eventually, the flames dwindled to embers, and from the ashen mess, they would arise to find their fellow Phoenixes ready to help them recover and persist.

Though each of the Phoenixes’ was powerful individually, their true strength could only be tapped into through the unseen force connecting them to the other members of their communities – the more of these unbreakable bonds they formed, the more combined power they could draw upon. However, where there is a great power, there’s also something hoping to take that power away.

One by one, The Phoenixes began to disappear, their power weakening as they became further isolated from each other until they all fell into a dreamlike state, suspended in time, waiting. To preserve them through time, each of their bodies crumbled to ash that floated high above the clouds, fusing with human souls by riding the air currents as each brand new breath of life was breathed into our world. They have waited dormant within, building up enough power to emerge and forge a new, absolutely unstoppable community like never before.

Because we’re gonna make it!

We understand that our daily habits determine who we become.

At present, all our attention and resources in NFTs and Web 3 are chaotic. We blindly open social media platforms and attempt to follow everything at once. There is not enough focused effort on what we are most passionate about.

The Phoenixes give you laser focus on your daily activities and routines so you can be successful in your web3 journey. You receive guidance, strategy, and support — basically everything you require to succeed.

How We Do It?

1. Community.

We’re bringing together individuals who are enthusiastic, full of energy and passion to lead significant and meaningful lives.

2. Building real value.

We’re growing our startup from zero to eight figures, helping folks change their lives for good. This is our life! We’ve got an awesome mobile application ready to launch before Already, Phoenix NFC Token Holders get lifetime access.

3. Gamifying the process.

It’s never easy to set goals for yourself. But having an incentivized system designed to help you achieve them is crucial. Learn2Earn is here.

Interoperability: What does it mean?

We’re working on making our platform compatible with other NFTs, creating a wellness resource for NFT communities, and helping them reach their goals by providing educational content. You can expect us to use the real infrastructure we’ve built from the first two waves of blockchain technology and bring it to third wave applications.

Our Vision

We’re in an excellent position to expand our business into web 3.0 because we’ve already established ourselves as a legitimate brand.

Become an expert at developing a top personal development brand for the web 3 era

We will connect to existing NFT communities and help them create new products, tools, and community events.

We gamified learning through a learn2earn function in our mobile app.

As we continue to grow our web3 token holder community, our web3 NTFs will be rewarded.

We want to create a virtuous circle of growth for our community and the company we’re building together.

We can all help each other out by growing one brand together.