The NFTiST Launches The Ultimate Portal On All Things NFT

The NFTiST is a one-stop platform for all non-fungible token related needs. It provides online curated content that spans from the basics of how NFTs work to the promotion of valuable collections, vetted by recognized experts in the field. The platform will launch in April 2022.

Access to the portal is granted by the acquisition of one of the 10000 NFTs released by the project on the Ethereum network. It grants three main areas of utility: 1) The content platform, where the member will be able to consume curated material on all things NFT. 2) The NFT Launchpad, where only profitable projects audited by the resident experts will be promoted. 3) The City of NFTs, a section of the ever expanding metaverse accessible to NFTiST members.

Owning an NFTiST NFT comes with extra perks. Investors in the collection will receive a percentage of all the income guaranteed by the use of a native ERC-20 token that will be employed in the metaverse and during live events, to pay for merchandise and various online services. 

The PUBLIC SALE will go live on March, 7th 2022.

The NFTiST was founded in 2021, following the need to create a space that could provide the tools to allow investors to make profitable acquisitions in the arena of non-fungible tokens. The platform was founded by photographer and publisher Alexandru Zainea and the project’s collection of NFTs was created by artist Sinziana Cadar.  For more information visit

How did you come up with the ideas?

NFTS have been traded since the launch of the ERC-721 protocol. In the following years, we observed that the means of searching for information were Google and other search engines, often with unsatisfactory end results. By being endlessly redirected to other platforms such as YouTube, Twitter or Telegram, the investor often experienced a loss of money due to poor decision making.

Google, ultimately, is a search engine and not fit to be an authority on the NFT space, so it was clear that improvements were needed. Being a global, unsolved, and ever-increasing issue, we at the NTFiST conducted analyses, and reached the conclusion that search engines can often provide irrelevant and, in this case, useless information, as a result of paid ads and not curated problems.

Researching and identifying valuable and trustworthy NFT project deserving of investing in is a task that takes effort and time. And this is how this challenging adventure of ours began.

What Makes this project unique?

Besides being the first decentralized media trust of the NFT industry, we provide:

  • BUILT-IN ECOSYSTEM: News, downloadable files, analyses, and in depth articles.


  • NO ADVERTISING: Our ecosystem will always be ad-free.


  • NFT LAUNCHPAD: We provide you with thoroughly vetted projects.


  • HIGH-LEVEL NETWORKING: Live and digital events to network with big names in the industry.


  • APPLICATION: An all-in-one app you’ll be able to use to access all content on the go.


  • TECH INNOVATION: Web 3.0, NFT-based log-in system via Metamask. Resellable NFT.


How Big is the team and what are their roles?

This project was founded by Alexandru Emanuel Zainea. 

The team:

  • Nicole – COO
  • Stefania – CMO
  • Ruxi – Social Media Manager 
  • Nicolai – Community Manager 
  • Mihai – Developer
  • Sinziana – The Artist
  • Silviu – Chief Tech Officer
  • Stefan – Chief Legal Operations
  • Blake – Advisor

What is the price?

0.3ETH in public sale

Why is that price fair?

Because besides the cool manually designed art, we are the best investment you’ll ever mint

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to have a single trusted place, that provides you with everything you need, leading to successful decisions when it comes to investing and being properly informed about everything related to the NFT industry?

It’s basically a Fastlane to success. THE NFTiST was built as an niched-down ecosystem, where all the required segments are assembled in one place. We are building an exclusive community, aiming to gather successful people in the field and including the following:


  • INDUSTRY LEADERS: Input from top leaders in the space.


  • CONTENT CREATORS: The best content creators and specialists in the industry.


  • NFTiST PODCAST: Featuring winners in the NFT space, providing alpha knowledge.


  • NFTiST TOKEN: An ERC-20 utility token offering access to benefits and opportunities.


  • NFTiST LAUNCHPAD: Providing you with projects vetted by us and community leaders.


  • NFTiST EVENTS: Live and digital events, to network with influencers and celebrities.


  • THE METAVERSE: The City of the NFTiST, home to our DAO community.


What is the Mint Size?

10 000


Website & Minting Page: 







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