Pace Verso Details Fall 2022 NFT Program, Launching on October 10

Featuring Loie Hollowell, Tara Donovan, teamLab, Random International, and Sui Jianguo

Pace Verso, the web3 hub of Pace Gallery, is pleased to announce details of its third season of NFT programming, featuring the first-ever NFTs from Loie HollowellTara DonovanteamLab, Random International, and Sui Jianguo. The program will launch October 10.

Fall 2022 projects from Pace Verso will feature: teamLab, whose interactive Matter is Void project explores ideas of ownership; Random International, the collective behind the immersive, widely exhibited installation Rain Room (2012); the celebrated sculptor Sui Jianguo; and Tara Donovan and Loie Hollowell, whose projects are realized as part of Pace Verso’s multifaceted partnership—encompassing NFT releases, exhibitions, and other in-person and digital programming—with the generative art platform Art Blocks.

The forthcoming season will also include in-person presentations of NFTs at international art fairs and Pace’s global galleries in addition to AMA discussions with artists and project partners on Pace Verso’s dedicated Discord server, which has cultivated a robust following through direct engagement with web3 communities. The start of the fall program will coincide with the launch of Pace Verso’s new, Ethereum-backed sales platform built by Mojito.

Launched in November 2021, Pace Verso reflects the gallery’s commitment to supporting the advanced studio practices of artists within and beyond its roster. With Pace Verso, the gallery continues its long history of innovation and support of artists who have cultivated advanced studio practices engaged with boundary-pushing technologies as well as artists who have worked in traditional mediums and are expanding their practices using new digital tools. Pace Verso’s latest projects build on the success of its first year, which saw the release of cutting-edge NFT projects by Jeff KoonsGlenn KainoLucas SamarasZhang HuanJohn GerrardDRIFT, and other artists. Continued programming around Koons’s ambitious Moon Phases NFT project, through which the artist will send a group of sculptures to the Moon on an Intuitive Machines lunar lander, will also figure prominently in Pace Verso’s forthcoming season.