Hero Maker Studios Launches Character Series KUMITE

LOS ANGELES (March 29, 2022) – Today, HeroMaker Studios launches its first character series, Kumite. The debut NFT drop consists of 9,600 generative superheroes and villains.

About the Kumite NFT project:

The year is 2050. A handful of dominant mega-corporations have amassed extraordinary power and are locked in a next-generation arms race to consolidate their powers. Armed with groundbreaking organic fabrication technology, these companies compete on the new frontier of synthetic being creation, bringing myth to life.
Dream Fields, the giant of agro-tech, has concocted Faeries and Goblins to tap into unknown parts of the natural world. Within the Caduceus Corporation, Angels inhabit the research labs and operating rooms, creating unprecedented faith in the ability of technology to halt the inevitable cycle of life and death… while Demons lurk.
What other synthetic beings will emerge from rival mega-corporations? And who will win the ultimate fight to control the governance of good and evil?
The Kumite roadmap represents how HeroMaker Studios brings stories to life with technology. The characters in this initial NFT drop will be featured in a community-driven comic book, a game, merchandise, and more. For more on Kumite and the roadmap, visit KumiteNFT.com.
Gareb Shamus, co-founder of HeroMaker Studios, says, “We’re so proud to release Kumite into the world. HeroMaker is a creative playground – not just for writers and artists who want a place to launch their next creation, but also for the fans and collectors who have been craving new ideas, new stories, and new ways to experience characters in the Metaverse.”
The dedicated Kumite team powering the roadmap has Web3 expertise across all disciplines, and includes over a dozen artists, expert storytellers, technologists, and top community managers.
Kumite kicks off a big year of new IP releases for HeroMaker Studios.

About HeroMaker Studios

HeroMaker Studios is the first Web3 ecosystem fully devoted to creating a hero-based playground that, by 2025, will empower a billion people to create and engage with original character franchises.
HeroMaker has built a decentralized platform and hub for creators, fans, collectors, and characters to bond over powerful new stories, with built-in protocols that create omni-win-wins. Through unique, creator-first partnerships with top artists, writers, and influencers around the world, HeroMaker Studios is launching new stories and creating new heroes that will inspire fans globally.
HeroMaker Studios’ first drop, Kumite, features 9,600 civilians, villains, and superheroes that will star in digital and printed comic books, digital collectibles, merchandise, and more.
HeroMaker Studios’ robust community features give fans, creators, and collectors a decentralized platform and voice to shape the direction of their favorite stories and characters. For the first time, fans will be able to share feedback and ideas by directly communicating with the creators behind the comics. Also for the first time, creators will be able to create digital and print comic books, mint NFTs, and share in the long-tail benefits of their art on the secondary market.
For more information and to receive the latest updates on HeroMaker Studios, visit: http://HeroMakerStudios.com. Join the HeroMaker Studios Discord at: https://discord.gg/heromakerstudios.
About Gareb Shamus, Co-Founder of HeroMaker Studios
Gareb Shamus is a serial entrepreneur, visionary, and cultural catalyst who has influenced over a billion people through his businesses, communities, and relationships in the Superhero and character franchise worlds.
As the founder and publisher of Wizard magazine, Shamus created the comic book industry’s most influential voice and grew Comic Con from a niche fan event into a global cultural phenomenon.
In 2021, Shamus launched HeroMaker Studios, a Web3 company, to produce mobile-first NFT comic books and an ecosystem that connects creators, fans, and collectors.