Community Member Spotlight: Swag Ghost Town

Swag Ghost Town is a fully handmade collection about the ghost inhabitants of Swag Town and their foes the Ghost Viking Clan from Frozenland.

  • -Breeding system: breed 2 ghosts to get a rarer one –
  • -Avatar for The Sandbox game for FREE! You can check the avatar on the website!
  • -This project is driven by the community through votation in Decentralized Governance events.
  • -A 20% income community pool for ghost holders.
  • -White List and access to drops for future projects and Private Events

This is an evolving collection, so I give people the chance to join while I am developing it, it is  one of my vision of NFTs, people massively adopting a project on a launch day or presale it is  not the best for me, people need to believe in project and be part of it while it being built, and  see the progress and the work done. 

So the project is launched (250 minted) and now I am working on an expansion that I look to  integrate 250 more ghosts. 

How did you come up with the ideas? 

I said this on the other pdf file, but I watched the lord of the rings, and the fact of someone  creating a lore and a story of a universe inspired to create mine, and I am developing the  intellectual property of my project, so every NFT has a role in the collection and they belong to  different factions 

What Makes this project unique? 

Every NFT is handmade, I think a generated collection by a computer kills all the essence about  “art”, I am creating a the lore of my Ghost Universe and their factions. 

I am designing a new webpage in the collections webpage where I will explain the history of  the world in little animated chapter; every chapter will consist about a text of 5-7 lines and a  pixel animation above showing the events. 

I have a highly customizable breeding system, where people that owns 2 ghosts can breed a  new ghosts and since I am doing all by hand, they can choose the items from the parents they  want the new ghost to have and the chromatic preference they want the new ghost to have. 

All ghost owners will get dropped a 3d avatar for the metaverse in The Sandbox Game, it is  fully animated and anyone can check the website to see the avatar. 

I really care a bout community so people can vote project decisions and I celebrate  decentralized Governance Events. And I do much more things…

How Big is the team and what are their roles? 

I am the only developer of the project, I am a university student and I am working full time on  the project, and I want to keep it like this. So I dd all the website, art, promotions, community  management (twitter instgram, reddit…) 

I like to work alone because you learn from a lot of things, and to work in a team first you need  to work alone. I share the same vision as in a relationship: Someone needs to learn how to be  alone to in a relationship with someone 

What is the price? 

Floor price currently at 0.005 ETH ($13,88) currently I think is an affordable price, I do not have  the intention to get rich with this, I want to build a community that loves Ghost world and  Swag Ghost Town. But I started minting the majority at 0.01 ETH (this is the standard price) 

Why is that price fair? 

I think it is a gift for all the features I am providing, my time and resources consumed are not  considered in the price, as I said, it is not about what I get back, it is about what I give. 

What is the Mint Size? 

As it is handmade I am going for 1000 normal ghosts + 111 ghost from breeding’s; this number  may change but around 1000. 

Are there any mechanics we should know about? I am free for an interview! All the detailed info is in the webpage 

Links to discord, social, etc. 



Twitter: Tesaryum (@TesaryumStudios) / Twitter 


Links to creative we can use on the website 

Webiste: there is a lot of content to get ; Please also feel free to create questions that are specific to your project that would highlight why a collector would be interested in purchasing and holding