A look back: Crypto Jingles NFT Project

Minted February 18th, 2018

.001 Eth per sample

Crypto Jingles was in a class all it’s own. The first of its kind, this nft was a sound-based, decentralized game. The nft is purchased, wallet is linked to Crypto Jingles website, and a jingle is composed. The unique jingle is then owned by the creator. 


How did this work? First, a randomized sample is purchased out of 100 options. 5 samples are needed to create a jingle, and once combined, each jingle is completely unique and will generagte it’s own cover image. They offer 4 types of samples, common, rare, legendary and mythical. These samples are not tradeable, and the utility is simply to build and own jingles. Once a jingle is completed, It CAN be traded. This is the game: buy your samples, create a jingle, and sell or share them. 


Initially, Crypto Jingles didnt make the splash they’d hoped for, so two weeks after mint, they introduced customizable features such as volume, delay and cuts. They also held a competition and introduced a “like” feature. The composers with the most likes received additional free samples as rewards. 


This was a pretty great start to what we are now seeing as music nfts. These delightful small pieces of sound would lay the groundwork for the understanding of music as nfts. The recent introduction of wrapping the initial token has made it compatible with opesea and the community has been thrilled. The Genesis jingles, of which there are 44, are currently selling on opensea for 8.99, and 16 newer jingles are available at .49.


The Crypto Jingles website promises new developments and features on the way, and in the mean time, you can visit their twitter or website to learn about updates and news. 


As always, do your own research and happy hunting.