Waq Waq manuscript: collective storytelling within the BAYC ecosystem

The project by Jason Seife, Larryp, stevedoublehappiness, and Miquel Yurrita
Welcome to Waq Waq Island, a land of myth and lore, where forests laugh, sing, and…scream.

For centuries, the elders disputed its existence as they washed death nuts down with hot bored coffee; traveling scholars emptied countless ink cartridges penning histories and recording Waq Waq lore; and the artists…they interpreted all of their elders’ arguments and scholarly histories through rendered, visual mediums.

Indeed, the only evidence of Waq Waq Island had been found in medieval manuscripts, oil paintings, chipped mosaics and fading frescos adorning the walls of shrines and temples.

But the provenance of the lore remained a mystery, until, at the height of the 2021 Bull Run, a mysterious document appeared in the wallet of a degen collector. Using Etherscan to research the token ID, it became clear this was not a typical airdrop–the token ID read “Waqwaq Island.”

This time it was different.