The Mad Pups Curated NFT Drop on Nifty Gateway Jan 1 2022

The Mad Pups are a collector-led group that came together over a shared passion for NFTs and especially digital art.

o Our group has spent a significant amount of time working with artists over the past year on drop structuring and providing advice on how to cultivate a collector base. We also spent a significant amount of time working with Nifty Gateway to improve relationships with the community during April and May, which came at a time before NG was adequately staffed to handle the exponential growth they were experiencing, with a couple of the Pups leading the Nifty Town Halls that were a staple of the period. We’ve always felt that there were three equal participants in this space: Platforms, Artists, and Collectors. All of these participants can help push the space forward, and given our experience working with both Artists and Nifty, the transition to curators was a natural one.

 Genuine Human Art (@GenuineHumanArt)
 Gernge (@_gernge)
 Hola Lou (@holalou_)
 Jesus Martinez (@Jemt888)
 Lastsuspect (@Suspectlast
 Lip Comarella (@LipComarella)
 Raoul Marks (@raoulmarks)
 Smog One (@smogoneart)
 VanGoDoodle (@vangodoodle)