Sleepwalkers NFT Project Overview with AshleyNFT

Dreams are an experience where the conscious mind meets the subconscious. Often uncomfortable, sometimes magical, this state for me has been one I long to explore. I believe the mind to be powerful, and often at work, during our non-waking hours. For me, it feels as though the dreamstate is a healing place for unresolved traumas, as well as a birthplace for creativity, flow and serenity.

My first collection, The Sleepwalkers, has allowed me to consciously walk through the experiences of discomfort, beauty, and mystery, existing only in my dreams. I chose the collection of 8,888 pieces to mirror the infinity symbol; Ever present in my dreams and meditations. As a wise friend once shared, “We are not all terminally unique.” and so, I hope my subconscious may connect with yours in some way, and allow for collective healing and fluidity.

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