OP Games :: The Future of NFT Gaming

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OP Games is a suite of tools that enable HTML5 game developers to connect their games to web 3. We call this the Game Legos, a repository of open source codes and SDKs that enable games to add tournaments, PvPs, leaderboards, NFTs and a whole lot more. OP Games is also a platform where all of these games coalesce, for now we call it the OP Arcade.

Imagine walking into a games arcade and you find hundreds of arcade machines to play with, the only difference is, in the OP metaverse, these games are owned by developers and DAOs using game legos to enable further web 3 integration. To do this, OP turns these HTML5 games into entire NFTs, fractionalizes it into multiple pieces and offers it to the community for part ownership, hence the individual game DAOs. The Arcadians will have a place in the OP Arcade, as playable characters in a game currently being developed as well as user avatars that provide special access and privileges to the platform in the near future.