NFT Drop Watch: TIDES Curated by Matt Gondek (FT. Noelz)

Matt Gondek curates ‘TIDES’ collection!

Deconstructive Pop Artist Matt Gondek curates a group NFT exhibition with some of the biggest names in the contemporary art world. “TIDES” features seven contemporary artists – some releasing their first NFT, and on

Seoul-based photographer, Noe Alonzo, has been doing photography since childhood. He specializes in rainy night photography, often shooting from sunset until sunrise.

His journey started with disposable film cameras, he learned the fundamentals with landscapes and timelapse, and he transitioned into street photography with movies such as Bladerunner and Akira as his inspiration.

Lately, he has been learning to animate his photography, allowing for a more immersive experience. Noealz is passionate about creating art and beauty out of everyday scenes and sharing them with the world. He likes to take photographs that are indistinguishable from paintings.

Featured by Seoul Museum of Art, National Geographic, BBC Storyworks, Samsung, OnePlus.