NFT Culture Happy Hour 6/11/21 – Gutter Cats, Super Yetis, and Bonsais

Pio, Mike, Rob, and Malachi discuss the parabolic growth of collectable NFTs and the craze behind the Gutter Cat NFTs, Super Yeti NFTs, Bonsai ZeNFT project and more. We also discuss the 800 ETH FVCK hack and why it is important for collectors and NFT artists alike to protect their Crypto Currency and wallets. Everyone should have Zero Trust when it comes to their investments.

During the livestream Pio sells a Yeti pre-mint for .15 ETH and FOMOs back in for .16 ETH before the floor of Yetis jumps above .18.

Rob discusses his skepticism for these collectible type projects and we talk about what happens as more and more collectable NFTs enter the space and why collectors need to be cautious when deciding to FOMO into various projects.

The team also talks about the similarities between the current state of OpenSea NFTs and the early run up at the end of February 2021 when it felt like Nifty Gateway was a cant miss time for collectors to buy, sell, and flip, NFTs.