NFT Artist Interviews: Sam Madhu

Sam Madhu is a contemporary Digital artist who has lived all over the world. Earlier this year Sam had her initial NFT drop on Nifty Gateway as the project Final Prayer. Final Prayer is a series of art that imagines an Eastern dystopian future.

“a world where sprawling futuristic cities are governed by dark mechanical deities. The urban cities are inspired by ancient temples, omniscient gods, spiritual symbols and cryptic typography”

Now in Berlin, Sam Madhu’s NFT work is inspired by a fusion of elements from eastern and western idologies. From dark dystopian cities remixed with temples, gods, and other ancient symbols, her work is jaw-dropping and inspiring.

Sam has also been featured on TEDx discussing how to remix ancient culture with contemporary futurism and worked with some of the worlds top brands.

Her original NFT drop was this May and all of her work immediately skyrocketed in value.

You can learn more about Sam here:

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