NFT Artist Interview – Ana Isabel. Founder of NFT Goddesses

Ana Isabel a self-taught Fine Art Portrait Photographer. She discovered Photography in 2006 and has have been pursuing it ever since.

“It was through Photography that I found my mission in life, which is to empower women. I think women should start viewing themselves in a different light than what the media depicts. It’s time to accept ourselves as we are and become more confident in what we have to offer. I love creating images that are inspired by nature, mythology and magic, as I believe these are related to so many of the persecutions women have had to face through the ages. I think by bringing these elements together, I am giving women their power back. One of the projects that I am proud of is ‘Wytches and Seers’, which is based on ancient Goddesses from different cultures and aims to celebrate the inner strength within each woman. ”

As a result of my love and dedication for empowering women, I naturally started a group dedicated to female NFT artists when I joined and discovered the NFT world, called NFT Goddesses. The group started with a chat and a Zoom meeting, and now has grown to almost 200 members. It is a very special women’s community focused on supporting one another and growing together.
Fine Art Portrait Photographer focused in empowering women.

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