Motley Ds NFT Project: Meeting the Creator

More than 1 “aha” moment, Motley Ds are the result of a sequence of events, all of them relevant, all of them important in their own right. Initially Sergio, started looking at NFTs as part of his work in CleanGold, an initiative to promote the adoption of a stable coin backed by mining operations in Australia, and find a way to offer a custodial service of gold bars, bullion and coins using the ERC-721 standard. Another foundational element of the Ds is the coming to the spotlight of Deep Fn Value, the now famous Redditor that almost took down Wall Street with sheer will power and a pack of Apes behind him, and obviously there are those Bored Apes, that are a cultural phenomena. Tip of the hat to the Degenerates, and the origin of the D. That provides a little context around the formation of the core idea of the Motley Ds, but its purpose is what really drives the idea forward, at a time when we are ready to pack our bags, and depending on your income level, you either are looking to the stars or the “metaverse” for your next destination, the Motley Ds are here to question the nature and validity of the “reality” that is being forced upon us. And in today’s social climate, there are very few spaces where you can challenge ideas without the threat of cancelation, and art is one of them.

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