Mishka Keep Watch Crew NFT Project

Mishka is a streetwear & lifestyle brand that spans across subcultures, and stays true to weirdness. Take a good look at the Mishka clothing brand and you’ll find influences from ‘80’s underground punk, indie rock and metal, toys, outsider art, the skate community, comics, b-movies, horror flicks, and pop culture (and bears, of course). From its humble beginnings as a Brooklyn based t-shirt brand in 2003, Mishka became a global brand with a cult following that adhere to the mantra, Wear Your Weird.
Over the years, Mishka has collaborated with Andy Milonakis, Nicky Diamonds, Buff Monster, Matt Gondek, Frank Kozik, Matthew Skiff, Ron English, Brian Romero, Lamour Supreme, Wizard Skull, and many more.


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