Influence Asteroids NFT Game Q&A

Influence is a space strategy MMO, set in a realistic asteroid belt in the Adalia system, after an ill-fated journey aboard the Arvad, a generational ship fleeing from a dying Earth.

Influence is built around a finite set of 250,000 unique asteroids, each possessing a unique combination of resources and possible bonuses. Players can purchase the rights to asteroids or choose to start for free on Adalia Prime. Once a player has chosen where they’ll play, they will be able to start mining, building, and refining the material drawn up from beneath the surface of their asteroid.

Built upon the Ethereum blockchain, Influence gives players true ownership of their content. Forget walled gardens that restrict your ability to do what you want to with *your* in-game content. Instead, influence empowers players to breathe life into a robust virtual economy utilizing SWAY as an in-game currency.