Crypto Raiders Tokenomics $AURUM and $Raider Overview

$AURUM Tokenomics
$AURUM will be a variable supply token with an initial mint of 1,000,000,000. In order to balance the game economy we reserve the right to mint and burn $AURUM as needed, as well as to adjust the prices of various activities $AURUM is used on such as character creation and dungeons.
$RAIDER Tokenomics
$RAIDER will be a fixed supply token with an initial mint of 100,000,000. The team will have no power to mint more $RAIDER.
$RAIDER Utility
The $RAIDER token represents the Crypto Raiders economy as a whole, but it also provides some in-game uses.
Holders can stake $RAIDER to earn a share of all $AURUM spent in the game. $RAIDER stakers will be rewarded daily based on in-game activity, earning $AURUM which they can sell on the market, or use for value-creation activities like running dungeons, breeding, and crafting