Crypto Raiders NFT Project on Polygon – First Dungeon Tutorial with Tammy

Dungeons will start out releasing on a weekly basis. Eventually there will be a healthy balance between evergreen dungeons that you can continuously raid, and then limited-time dungeons that you can only raid a few times before it closes.
After much deliberation, the actual game will live on L2 Polygon / MATIC. With item airdrops and transfer of characters in and out of a dungeon, mainnet would be too cost prohibitive. The base characters will live on mainnet as an ERC-1155 token. When the base character enters its first dungeon, that token will burn and the new character token will return on L2 Polygon.

A utility-based NFT RPG game • 7,500 Base Characters

You must raid weekly dungeons for gear & loot, but be careful… death is permanent ️
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