Secret Rat Society: The Junkyard turns your crappy NFTs into Treasure

Introducing The Junkyard, a decentralized dump owned by a bunch of crazy rats! This is not just any ordinary NFT project – it’s a self-proclaimed shamelessly fun place where you can recycle your useless NFTs into valuable Junkcoin, while having the chance to fish out rare NFTs abandoned by degens.

Here’s how it works: you can dump your NFTs into the Junkyard to earn Junkcoin, the rarer the NFT, the more Junkcoin you earn. Or, for the more adventurous, you can try your luck at fishing out NFTs from the Junkyard. You pay a small fee to fish out a certain number of NFTs, and the algorithm randomly selects them, but you can only rescue one. Fishing out multiple NFTs at once increases your chances of finding a higher rarity NFT.

As a member of the Secret Rat Society, you can manage the Junkyard with other rats using the DAO, and vote on which NFTs will be dumped into the Junkyard. You can also earn Junkcoin by joining the Discord server and participating in daily events, games, and contests.

The Junkyard smart contracts have been allegedly been audited and verified, and the fishing happens fully on-chain. The Junkcoin you earn is locked in the Junkyard for now, but the rat kings plan to launch it on your favorite DEXs and CEXs in the future. Please DYOR before connecting.

The Junkyard is a self-destructing project, and in 365 days after launch, the Great Burn will commence, burning all NFTs left in the Junkyard smart contract. Until then, the rats will be implementing many crazy events like dump live streams and sacrifices of blue-chip NFTs.

The Junkyard is powered by smart contracts on both Ethereum and Polygon networks, and smart contract communication is facilitated by Axelar technology and a custom bot. Junkcoin distribution is also managed by a bot, using a Secret Rat Formula to analyze each NFT dumped and reward dumpers with a certain amount of Junkcoin.

Most Dumped NFTs in The Junkyard:

If you’re curious about which NFTs are the most commonly dumped in The Junkyard, we’ve got you covered. Based on our data, here are the top 10 most dumped NFT collections:

  1. Pepe Open Editions by Matt Furie – 214
  2. ENS: Ethereum Name Service – 96
  3. Gods Unchained Cards – 85
  4. Looks Whale Official – 73
  5. Blockmaths – 65
  6. Rimusair – 49
  7. The Sprawl: Test City Pass [Discontinued] – 44
  8. Uchars – 44
  9. Babobunnyclub – 40
  10. Caninecartel – 40

Most Valuable NFTs Rescued from The Junkyard:

While the majority of NFTs dumped in The Junkyard may be worthless, there have been some lucky rats who were able to fish out some valuable gems. Here are the top 10 most valuable NFTs rescued from The Junkyard:

  1. Cool Cats NFT #5867 – 1.23457 ETH
  2. Valhalla #395 – 0.66 ETH
  3. #4996 – 0.419 ETH
  4. #1051 – 0.419 ETH
  5. Alien Frens #6683 – 0.1898 ETH
  6. Mutant Hounds #9645 – 0.1889 ETH
  7. Kaiju Kingz #4043 – 0.16 ETH
  8. GNSS Art by MGXS #9048 – 0.129049 ETH
  9. Astrobot Society by Token Metrics #1115 – 0.1037 ETH
  10. Cool Cats: Fractures #4661 – 0.0869 ETH

So, are you ready to join the Secret Rat Society and dive into The Junkyard? Don’t miss your chance to earn Junkcoin, fish out rare NFTs, and have some shamelessly fun times with the rats!