METAKAMI NFT Project Overview

METAKAMI is a project created by our all-artist team that wants to bring back the excitement of a “choose your own adventure” story through a community-driven manga. Our initial drop will be an anime-inspired avatar collection where every character is represented by an endangered animal.

METAKAMI boldly interplays with duality.

METAKAMI is a collection of lab-contrived hybrid entities in the exacerbated hyperreality of 3022. The METAKAMIs are corporeal embodiments that fuse kami (Shintō deity) and animals. These genetically-engineered humanoids possess traits and instincts of Earth’s endangered animal species, with god-like, supernatural abilities to combat all that threatens to destroy Mother Nature.

The METAKAMI adventure will be taxing to your body and soul, but we want to replace solitude with solidarity. To this end, we will implement the innovative KAMILAB, where readers of our Manga become Authors. Holders can actively vote on the strategic and creative direction of the METAKAMI Manga in a“choose your own adventure” format.

Metakami Lore

The State of Affairs • 時代背景。
Tokyo, Japan. The year is 3022.
Silver metal and glass high rises reflect flashing neon lights, allowing the city to gleam under permanent thick, grey clouds of pollution one could call the sky. The essence of nature is long drowned and overthrown by ceaseless industrial roars and buzzing of live-wire. Technology’s recreation of the natural world yields a simulated sky: the sun, moon, and stars are projected on schedule. If there are plants anywhere in the city, they’re plastic. All pets and wildlife have holographical replacements. Stunningly life-like, their digital materializations divert civilization from the fate of total extinction their organic archetypes await.
Ineffective lab-fabricated replacements to the natural function of the ecosystem attempt to mask the daunting ticking of the doomsday clock. It appears that once animals are fully extinct, humans are next in line. Centuries of failure to preserve nature instilled powerlessness in the people, with seemingly no option but apathy to cope. To be continued…


Girl power has always been a force to be reckoned with in this traditionally male-dominated crypto and NFT space. METAKAMI is proudly founded and led by women, who would like to invite everyone to normalize and celebrate the presence of women in the NFT community. We are working hard to shatter the archaic narratives that have fueled female underrepresentation in this space and beyond.


Our NFT art and its narrative feature animals that have faced or are facing extinction as a consequence of human activity. We have designed over 150 animal traits for our METAKAMI NFTs, and will contribute to animal conservation by partnering with nonprofits that will receive 5% of our royalties, as well as donations adding up to as much as $100,000.


We are driven and inspired by the belief that strong communities, sharing progressive and transformative visions, foster the unfettered exchange of meaningful ideas that fuel revolution. The heart of our project is the community it strives to build and expand with. Beyond co-authoring The METAKAMI Manga, we are dedicated to ensuring rewarding and meaningful experiences for all our members.

Metakami partners

Women Who Code

Women Who Code’s mission is to inspire women to excel in technology careers

Techgirls Movement Foundation

Techgirls Movement Foundation takes a holistic and evidence-based approach to targeting normative gender stereotypes through complementary programs. These programs provide girls aged 7-17 with STEM skills, mentoring and positive role-modelling, whilst including the community through industry partnerships, school and parent collaboration.

Wildlife Conservation Network

Wildlife Conservation Network’s mission is to protect endangered wildlife by supporting conservationists who ensure wildlife and people coexist and thrive.