IRL NFT galleries on the rise as digital art connects to the masses

With NFT sales reaching 24 Billion in 2021, the next step for the metaverse seems to be bridging the gap from digital to irl. Scores of galleries are popping up from LA to Berlin. 

The question from traditional art collectors and fans is “why”? 

If the art isn’t really there, why do we need a gallery? 

The answer is simple and these galleries are inspired in their landscape and goals. 

Vellum L.A. is an example of a gallery space pushing some boundaries. The general public may need a little hand holding as it crosses over into the metaverse. This gallery provides such an experience. Learning from experience is the selling point. Spaces like Vellum also allow for a bit of boundary pushing when it comes to the works shown. The art is displayed at high resolution on much larger screens than your mobile or computer, so the quality must be precise and thoughtful. Displays from companies like Blackdove are making this transition from digital to irl seamless, providing chic, clear and impressive displays for digital assets.

Just as the sky’s the limit related to utility and benefits of holding an NFT, there is much room to play within the gallery spaces. An example comes from the current showing of Refik Anadol’s work at Galerie König in Berlin. His digital art is displayed on towering pillars and on digital floor to ceiling screens showcasing algorithmic movement. The entire showcase is immersive & colorful- patrons are sitting with and soaking in the art in an almost meditative trance. 

Yet another exciting NFT experience is coming soon in the Bay Area. Verse, an immersive experience is having an NFT gallery show at the Mint in San Francisco (Feb. 2022) and will be one of the first to include clear plexiglas displays, showcasing the digital art in a holographic way. This showing will offer a range of experiences from a silent disco as the backdrop for the NFTs, to real time education on NFTs for all ages. 

Check back to see our reviews of the IRL shows we attend, and as always, happy hunting.