Goblin Town WTF NFT Project Overview

Goblin Town is the mysterious nft project that is catching the hearts and minds of the community the mint has already drawn a lot of attention with the high-quality landing page meant page and ecosystem that is being developed. this was also an interesting project and that it’s free to Mint which sets it apart from a lot of the projects that existed before it.

During the bear Market season we start seeing these types of projects become incredibly compelling, some of the biggest projects in the space started as free men suits during these types of economies. Additionally this project is drawing a lot of attention because the high level of quality and  polish around the drop implies that a team that knows what they’re doing is actually behind it. Wow unfounded there are numerous rumors that some of the top studios in the space including the studio (yuga labs) that is behind Bored Ape Yacht Club may be involved in this. The Goblins are stated to come with absolutely no roadmap, no Discord, and absolutely no utility. They also come with Creative Commons 0 which makes all of the images in the collection accessible and usable by any and all. It will be interesting to see what happens with this project over time and if the creators are going to reveal themselves or let the market decide what will ultimately come for this interesting and unique nft project.

Goblin Town NFT polished Art

Goblin Town Rumors include Yuga Labs and BAYC

The project is interesting because although it did start as a free mint the floor is over half an ethereum and the owner distribution is above 43%. Additionally the project having just been launched a few days ago has already generated over 4,000 ETH in the volume sold and has already become one of the top five projects over the last seven days and if this pace continues will be one of the top of projects for the month of May.

This is one of those projects that would have been an exciting find at or below point one East but at the this price many of these projects tend to get top-heavy and fall a bit oh, we recommend proceeding with caution until more information is available about this project but it is definitely interesting. We recommend collectors looking for a value in this market look for these types of projects that have low or zero meant cost where there is absolutely amazing upside and the ability for teams to actually deliver a unique idea instead of being burdened with the perceived utility that many men come with in this day and age.

As we learn more we will definitely update this blog post with as much information as possible.

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