New York, NY – Veteran Animation Producer and Showrunner, Carl Jones (The Boondocks, Black Dynamite), under his animation studio Martian Blueberry, and Web3 native creative technology and entertainment studio WAGMI BEACH, announced the upcoming release of their NFT, BUBBLEGOOSE BALLERS. The announcement comes on the heels of their recent viral stunt at Coachella, where they promoted another NFT project by sending a helicopter flying over the festival grounds pulling a banner with the following message: “Kanye was busy minting Catalina Whales.” Shortly after they promoted BUBBLEGOOSE BALLERS with an animated video of the characters “kidnapping” four highly-coveted “Bored Apes.” Both announcements serve as part of Jones’ overall mission to lead a shifting paradigm towards a world where top tier creators can take their art to market free from traditional restrictions and own their work.


“I’ve spent my career making groundbreaking cartoons that have managed to have a significant impact on popular culture, most notably The Boondocks. But none of my work could have “changed the conversation” without a strong community of fans,” says Carl Jones. “With BUBBLEGOOSE BALLERS and our WEB 3 community, we aim to “be the change we want to see” in the ecosystem of entertainment by giving creators and fans new levels of involvement, creative freedom, and ownership of content.”




BUBBLEGOOSE BALLERS is an NFT project, featuring 10k loosey, goosey geese in bubble goose coats, ushering in a new paradigm for the television industry. And inspiring us to fly high, live our lives to the fullest and to express ourselves freely. To be a BUBBLEGOOSE BALLER is to be someone that takes risk, bets on themselves and overcomes odds. A dream chaser, who knows how to make something out of nothing. Someone who’s ambitious and courageous to a fault. It’s these birds’ imaginations, not their wings that determine how high they can fly.


Our mission is to build a new kind of multimedia company, that the BUBBLEGOOSE BALLER community can participate in creatively. With the community’s help, we aim to supply the world with fun NFTS and creative cartoons, using our wealth of experience, years of production knowledge, and industry resources. We’re a small collective of progressive minds, with innovative ideas and talent, that intend to lead a shifting paradigm towards a world where top tier creators can take their art to market free from traditional restrictions. Together we can create a new model for creatives and build the next generations Disney or Pixar.


BUBBLEGOOSE BALLERS is created under Jones’ animation studio Martian Blueberry by co-founders Carl Jones and Love Barnett, with graphic artist and illustrator Moko Ko, and Web3 native creative technology and entertainment studio WAGMI BEACH. 


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Martian Blueberry was co-founded by animation veteran Carl Jones, who has provided Peabody Award Winning and NAACP Image award-nominated writing, directing and animation for various studios and networks across the entertainment spectrum. With a primary focus on animation, we aim to supply the increasing global appetite for diversity and inclusion, by using our wealth of experience, production knowledge and industry resources, to accelerate the company’s advancement into the forefront of the global marketplace. We’re a young, blossoming, vertically integrated company that offers full service animation capabilities, specializing in high-end 2D/3D animation, visual effects and design. Serving a variety of entertainment endeavors including advertising, episodic tv, films, NFTS, WEB3 and music videos. MB is a collective of progressive minds with innovative ideas and talent that reach far beyond the boundaries of tradition.



WAGMI Beach is a creative technology company developing web3 powered original IP. We work with both internal and external creatives to ideate and develop tokenized collectables, and novel NFT technologies, on the Solana blockchain. WAGMI Beach is the creator of premier NFT projects, including the Catalina Whale Mixer. Learn more about WAGMI Beach here (