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Permissionless - nft conference

Permissionless 2022 – NFT Event

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Permissionless describes itself as the cultural event of the year.

At its core, Permissionless is a cultural event. Artists and creators will be at the forefront, showcasing their creations at an in-site gallery. You’ve never seen so many priceless jpegs in one place. Permissionless may even have its own NFT related surprise in the works – stay tuned. Want to showcase your art in our gallery? Apply here.

The Biggest Names Create the Future on Stage

This space is exploding with visionaries. At Permissionless, you’ll hear from all of them… The most forward-thinking names in our industry will speak on topics ranging from the metaverse, to NFTs and gaming, the future of finance and institutional adoption, and more. We’ve organized the conference into three separate tracks to serve our diverse mix of builders, developers, artists, gamers and investors.

With more than 5,000 people attending, Permissionless will be the largest Metaverse and DeFi event in history, designed to celebrate the new era we’re entering into. Citizens of the Metaverse will gather to shape the future of our culture (and to party).

  • Attendees 5,000+

  • Speakers 120+

  • Days of Content 3

  • Companies 1,000+

  • Investors 2,000+

  • Developers 500+

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