Papa Johns Takes a🍕Slice of the NFT Market in OneRare Partnership

Pizza lovers, rejoice! According to Nations Restaurant News, Papa Johns, the popular pizza chain, is entering the world of NFTs in a partnership with OneRare, a gamified foodie metaverse. This marks the first time a national chain has partnered with OneRare, and fans of the pizza chain will be able to purchase digital copies of three popular international pizzas, which could translate into real-life rewards.

The NFTs will feature three popular pizzas available primarily in the Middle East, specifically in the UAE, but they will be available for minting globally. Players will be able to collect digital ingredients to create virtual versions of the Super Papas pizza, Spicy Chicken Ranch pizza, and vegan Sheese Garden Special pizza. The NFTs will serve as a loyalty program, and Papa Johns has plans to offer real-world applications of the digital tokens in the future.

“We are committed to staying ahead of the curve and exploring innovative technologies like NFTs and Web3.0,” Tapan Vaidya, Papa Johns CEO for the UAE, Saudi Arabria, and Jordan markets said in a statement. “This not only positions our brand at the forefront of the industry, but also helps us capture the attention and loyalty of the next generation of consumers, who are eager for cutting-edge experiences.”

Papa Johns is committed to exploring innovative technologies like NFTs and Web3.0. The company’s CEO for the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan markets, Tapan Vaidya, said in a statement that this partnership would position their brand at the forefront of the industry, capturing the attention and loyalty of the next generation of consumers who are eager for cutting-edge experiences.

OneRare founder Supreet Raju said that the NFTs would have their main use case in their gameplay, but holders of these tokens would become a part of the community and introduced to future perks. OneRare plans to partner with restaurant brands to offer digital experiences like cooking or wine classes to OneRare members who would otherwise never be able to visit the restaurant in person.

Users interested in accessing the Papa Johns NFTs can sign up for OneRare through their Google account or social media. OneRare offers simplified social login with Gmail and social media, which is built on the Polygon blockchain.

NFTs have gained significant popularity in recent years, with their ability to provide a unique and valuable ownership experience. OneRare has taken this concept to the next level by introducing gamification, providing users with a more interactive experience. It’s exciting to see how brands are incorporating NFTs into their marketing and loyalty programs, and it will be interesting to see how Papa Johns and OneRare’s partnership evolves in the future. So, pizza lovers, get ready to mint some NFTs and potentially earn real-life rewards!