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Media Kit

NFT Culture 

Influencers shouldn’t be the only projects dictating which NFT projects get seen and heard. NFT Culture exists at the intersection of artists, collectors, and markets.  Our goal is to provide accurate and timely information to help collectors navigate the NFT space. 

Brand Focus

Website Traffic

Fastest growing NFT exclusive media brand with ~80-120k Unique Monthly Visitors

NFT Newsletter

Daily Newsletter with ~10k Newsletter Subscribers. Growing by hundreds a day.


Strong social media presence with over 25k+ Twitter Followers, 7k+ YouTube subscribers.


5.5k Member Private Discord for community members to talk about upcoming projects and mints. 

The leading NFT Source for:


  • Industry News
  • Artist Interviews
  • Artist Promotions
  • Marketplace Reviews
  • NFT Gallery
Media Kit

How to work with us

In an attempt to provide the best content on our platform, the NFT Culture team will do research on all projects before selecting what gets featured.  Things we review include Active followers, price, timeline, roadmap, doxxed team, originality, and more. 
  • Submit your project to be featured (free) (press release submitted by you.) (added to the drop calendar)
  • Featured NFT project on the drops page (.2 ETH per week) (marked as featured project + sponsored) added to google calendars users select.
  • Submit an NFT Article (.15 ETH) +.05 to be added to newsletter (will acknowledge that its sponsored)
  • Custom article written by NFTCulture staff (500 word minimum) .5 ETH SEO Friendly Content.
  • Side bar display ad (.25 ETH / week) 2 week minimum
  • Horizontal banner (negotiated price)
We reserve the right to decline to feature any project for any reason.  Contact us pr (at)
Most content is created by the NFT Culture team but if a project is sponsored it will be noted transparently at the end of the post.  NFT Culture does not accept sponsorship for any video / youtube content. 

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We can help with design, smart contract audits, consultation and more. 

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