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NFTs: THE 10,450 FT VIEW

Four Seasons Jackson Hole Wyoming


NFTs: THE 10,450 FT VIEW

The time is now. In the last year NFTs and block chain have transformed art, commerce, collecting and generated billions of dollars of new value.
Join us and the greatest minds of non-fungibility. Artists. Technologists. Entrepreneurs. What’s next for NFTs? Find out.



Why Attend 10,450 FT VIEW?

Exclusive: Attendance is limited to 200.

Not a typical conference: We combine skiing, art, community, networking & entertainment with industry leaders.

Location: Jackson Hole is a skier’s dream destination, and we are right on the mountain.

Hands-On: From our white glove service to community – you are a part of the action.

The disruptors, innovators and you: We are all in it together to win.

Speakers Include:

  • Shelly Palmer
  • Rachel Webber
  • Zack Sweard
  • & Many more
What to expect

Exploring the Future Implications of NFTs

Art is not the only industry being disrupted – we look at many other use cases for
NFTs from music to sports, to video gaming and more.



ABCs of NFTs

This session will dive into definitions of key concepts including fungibility, minting, scarcity, smart contracts, ownership, and community building.




Creative NFT Panel Discussion

Exploring how NFTs will impact those who create – whether art, music, sports, or any other digital asset – the creators will discuss what it has meant for them and how to embrace it moving forward.




Collecting NFTs: Disrupting the Art World

The art industry has been the first to truly see the innovative and disruptive potential within the NFT market. Hear how artists have taken to the new medium and how they are exploring the frontier to find new horizons.




We’ve heard the hype. NFTs are everywhere. What are you going to do about it? What should you do about it? How will you leverage NFTs? Is it tulips or a digital gold rush? This immersive approach to NFTs is meant to give you what you need to know. Directly from experts, leaders, and disruptors. Unvarnished opinions, community, and debate.

Do more than just listen and ask a question or two. If you want to dig into the world of digital assets, blockchain and the frontier of diverse industries such as art, music, fashion, finance, brands, sports, collectibles, and more – then this NFT event is for you.

A ‘hands-on’ experience in all things non-fungible tokens with the pioneers who are trailblazing the NFT ecosystem. Whether creating, collecting or building a business, prepare to stake your claim in this exciting space.

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