MapleStory Universe Partners with Chainlink: Powering Provably Fair Gaming on the Blockchain

MapleStory Universe, Nexon’s revolutionary NFT-focused blockchain games ecosystem, has recently announced a groundbreaking collaboration with Chainlink, a leading Web3 infrastructure provider. This partnership brings Chainlink’s Verifiable Random Function (VRF) into the spotlight, poised to enhance the authenticity and fairness of game experiences within MapleStory Universe’s expansive virtual realm on the Polygon Supernet.

The Essence of MapleStory Universe

Expanding upon Nexon’s iconic IP, MapleStory Universe is a dynamic virtual world ecosystem that places MapleStory NFTs at its core. This initiative heralds the dawn of RX 2.0, a transformative phase that leverages blockchain technology to craft an unparalleled MapleStory Universe adventure defined by scarcity, open ecosystems, and community engagement.

Unlike conventional approaches, MapleStory Universe transcends the confines of a single game. Instead, it weaves together four distinct experiences, synergistically converging to create an enriched virtual cosmos centering around the MapleStory IP:

  1. MapleStory N: A pioneering game within MapleStory Universe, introducing the cutting-edge RX 2.0 experience with innovative NFT integrations and limited-quantity item supplies.
  2. MapleStory N Mobile: The mobile rendition of MapleStory N, seamlessly connecting with the PC version through shared items and characters.
  3. MapleStory N Worlds: A creative sandbox inviting developers to design new MapleStory realms, from unique quests to novel game modes using familiar characters, items, and maps.
  4. MapleStory N SDK: A dedicated software development kit empowering developers to craft tailored MapleStory-themed experiences, including mobile apps, thereby expanding the frontiers of the MapleStory Universe.

Elevating the RX 2.0 Experience with Chainlink

MapleStory Universe, conceived through meticulous exploration of blockchain’s potential, strives to be a vanguard in the realm of RX and virtual worlds. Central to its concept is a fixed quantity of NFT items, exhaustible in supply and never to be reproduced. These items, in limited quantities, pave the way for a novel reward experience, harmonizing with the myriad MapleStory experiences crafted by creators.

However, the mechanics of obtaining these items are equally crucial. The integration of Chainlink’s VRF is set to revolutionize this aspect. As adventurers navigate MapleStory Universe to acquire items, the assurance of fairness and impartiality in item allocation becomes paramount. Chainlink VRF enters the fray as a linchpin, guaranteeing a verifiably equitable item generation process.

In the grand tapestry of MapleStory Universe’s evolution, the vision extends beyond solitary authorship, aiming to transform into a collaborative platform sculpted by diverse creators and contributors. This necessitates embedding interoperability, transparency, and integrity from the very foundation — a role that Chainlink VRF is poised to fulfill.


Sunyoung Hwang, Production Director of MapleStory Universe Project, aptly captures the essence of this revolutionary collaboration. By selecting Chainlink’s blockchain services platform, MapleStory Universe upholds its commitment to decentralization and transparency, heralding a new era in virtual worlds.

TL;DR: MapleStory Universe, Nexon’s NFT-centered gaming ecosystem, partners with Chainlink to integrate VRF for fair gameplay experiences. This innovative collaboration enhances MapleStory Universe’s multi-game setup and delivers equitable item allocation. The alliance underscores a dedication to decentralized, transparent virtual worlds.


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