TASCHEN’s “On NFTs” Collection: Bridging Art Worlds with a Spotlight on Robert Alice

TASCHEN, the esteemed publisher revered for its high-quality art books, has ventured into the digital frontier with its latest offering, “On NFTs.” This collection not only marks TASCHEN’s foray into the realm of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) but also shines a spotlight on the pioneering work of Robert Alice, a leading figure in the digital art and blockchain art movement.

Unveiling the Fusion of Tradition and Innovation

At the heart of this collection is the Collector’s Edition, elegantly encased in a TASCHEN slipcase and priced at $850. With a limited run of 2,500 copies, it serves as a tangible testament to the fusion of traditional art collection and the emerging digital art landscape. Accompanying the Collector’s Edition are four Art Editions, each limited to 100 copies, featuring exclusive NFTs and signed prints by digital art luminaries such as Refik Anadol, Dmitri Cherniak, Sofia Crespo, and Osinachi.

Robert Alice: A Beacon of Digital Artistry

The collection’s global launch is intertwined with the contributions of Robert Alice, an artist who has significantly influenced the digital and blockchain art scene. In New York, from March 8-12, the U.S. launch will highlight an auction at Christie’s featuring Alice’s generative project, SOURCE [On NFTs], which draws inspiration from the TASCHEN collection. This initiative not only showcases Alice’s innovative approach to art in the blockchain era but also integrates his work with the physical and digital narrative that TASCHEN aims to weave.

A Global Celebration with a Digital Heart

Spanning continents, the launch events in Paris, New York, and Hong Kong embody the global essence of the NFT art movement. The Paris event, part of the #NFTParis festivities, showcased TASCHEN’s commitment to blending art worlds, while the upcoming auction in New York and the presentation at Art Basel Hong Kong promise further exploration of the intersection between traditional art markets and digital innovation.

Engaging the Art and Crypto Communities

TASCHEN’s series of events, including discussions, panels, and Twitter Spaces, aims to foster intellectual engagement within the art and crypto communities. The collection’s availability for purchase using cryptocurrencies via BitPay exemplifies the seamless integration of art, technology, and commerce, embodying the spirit of innovation that NFTs represent.

TASCHEN and Robert Alice: Pioneering the NFT Landscape

This foray into NFTs by TASCHEN, highlighted by the collaboration with Robert Alice, signifies a pivotal moment in the art world. It represents a bridging of eras, where the legacy of traditional art publishing meets the groundbreaking potential of blockchain technology. “On NFTs” is not just a collection but a statement on the evolving narrative of art in the digital age.


TASCHEN’s “On NFTs” collection marries traditional art publishing with the digital age of NFTs, featuring a spotlight on Robert Alice’s work. This blend of physical and digital art showcases Alice’s contribution to the blockchain art movement and underscores TASCHEN’s innovative approach to art and technology. The collection’s global launch and availability for crypto purchase mark a significant step toward integrating the art world with blockchain technology.


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